Top 5 Wednesday – Books I want to see as TV shows.

Hey everyone!

So I’m going to start doing Top 5 Wednesday which is a GR’s group (despite the fact I don’t use Goodreads haha) hosted by Samantha, aka Thoughts on Tomes. This week, the topic is books that I think would make good TV shows.

1. Throne of Glasstog-nyt-cover

I’m one LUCKY girl because it’s already approved to be a TV show!! I heard that the screenplay writer (is that even a thing I’m honestly not sure) also wrote The 100 (which I really enjoyed).

Throne of Glass is like a fetus version of Game of Thrones and I think a TV adaptation could be really successful. I’m just glad it’s not ABC family (“Freeform”) producing it. They totally BUTCHERED the Shadowhunter’s series. :/


red-rising-cover2. Red Rising

The Red Rising series in general is one that I really enjoyed,
however, I must say it was sometimes difficult to read. There is SO much stuff packed into 3 novels, and it often got confusing for me.

I think as a TV show it would be great because the world is so developed, and would be REALLY cool to see on the screen. Also, a TV show would definitely make all the world building a lot clearer.


3. Mistborntumblr_o5jfe8b7lp1rudpt7o1_540

IMAGINE A MISTBORN TV SHOW. Like just take a second. Wouldn’t that be so awesome??? Again, like Red Rising, Mistborn has SUCH an amazing world and premise that could be elaborated on.





sixofcrows4. Six of Crows

Unlike the last two books I mentioned, I think Six of Crows would make a fantastic TV show, but not because of the setting. While the Grisha world is really fascinating and cool, we can pretty much all agree Six of Crows was great because of it’s characters.

I can totally imagine a 10 season drama just containing the six main characters.


5. Vicious13638125

Vicious is one of my ALL TIME favorite books and I think it would make such a great show. It not only has a really cool world/premise, but the characters are amazing as well!

And the fact it’s anti-hero makes it a million times better. Let’s be real.



That’s it! Comment books YOU want to see be made into TV series!




14 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Books I want to see as TV shows.

  1. I agree with you and Drew. Red Rising is amazing! My favorite review I ever wrote is for the first book. I loved it. I was about the start on Golden Son this month before a load of ARCs were delivered to my house and put all that on hold. I think I’ll still try to squeeze it in, if possible. I totally get what you mean though. I love all the science in the books, but it does take longer to read because of it. Six of Crows is also another book I’m waiting to come to my house. Book Depository is taking an eternity to deliver my books for this month. 😂

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