WWW Wednesday – 09/21/16

Hey everyone! Today I’m doing WWW Wednesday which is a weekly meme created by Should Be Reading, where every Wednesday you share:

  • What you’re currently reading
  • What you recently finished reading
  • What you think you’ll read next

W H A T  I ‘ M  C U R R E N T L Y  R E A D I N G



So basically I waited for Empire of Storms for a WHOLE year (in agony). And now that it’s out I’ve lost interest honestly. I’ve only read the first 200ish pages after a week or two. XD

W H A T  I  J U S T  F I N I S H E D  R E A D I N G



There’s a librarian at my local library who passes me ARC’s, and a few weeks ago she gave me an ARC of The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron, and I just finished it last night. I might write a review, I’m still not sure. I gave The Forgetting 2 stars, just because it was just cliche in general. The plot is like every other YA dystopian and the characters were dull and unoriginal. However I did really like the premise!

W H A T  I  P L A N  O N  R E A D I N G  N E X T



I had a gift card to B&N so I got Empire of Storms as well as Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I really want to finish it before the movie comes out, and I know so many people love the series! I think a few years ago I read the first 50 pages of a library copy, but then had to return it.

T H A T ‘ S  I T !   L E T  M E  K N O W  Y O U R  A N S W E R S!



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