My least favorite book tropes.

Hey guys! First off, I’d like to say THANK YOU for 50 followers! I haven’t been blogging for very long, but I love it already. I’m so glad I joined this amazing community.

And if you didn’t already guess from the heading, today I’ll be talking about my least favorite book tropes. Since I mostly read YA fantasy a lot of these will pertain to YA fantasy, but I think you can find a few of these tropes in various books and genres.

1. T H E  S P E C I A L  S N O W F L A K E / C H O S E N  O N E

AKA the special/more powerful main character. (S)he is always more powerful than everyone else and is the KEY to saving the world (or human race, etc). This trope can be executed well (Harry Potter is a prime example), but most of the time it’s just too repetitive and predictable. In case people forgot, there’s such thing as just ordinary humans too. XD

2. I N S T A – L O V E

“Yup. That dude right there. I talk to him once and I know we are going to be in love for all of eternity.”

I think we can all agree insta-love is VERY annoying. I mean honestly when is it ever realistic? People don’t just fall in love after a 20 minute conversation… -_-

3. ” I ‘ M  S O  U G L Y .  W H O  C O U L D  E V E R  L O V E  M E ? ” ( B U T  I S  A C T U A L L Y  G O R G E O U S ,  G I R L )

*types this aggressively because I hate this trope that much*

I hate it when female protagonists say they’re really ugly/average/boring/whatever. Because usually, they’re actually perfect and could be Victoria Secret models. Also, it isn’t a huge confidence booster for the rest of us… I mean if this fucking gorgeous girl thinks she’s ugly, then I’m an actual potato.

4. L O V E  T R I A N G L E S  S H A P E S

I don’t know why authors insist on having love triangles. I’m pretty sure 999999% of readers hate it now, and it’s an instant turn-off for a book. And usually in the love triangle, it’s this supposedly “average” girl, who’s never been kissed, and then suddenly all the hot guys in the world are drooling over her.


5. T H E  B R O O D I N G  D O O D

This is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very common trope found amongst male love interests. In short, usually they’re really emotionally cut off and they are huge dicks (which somehow adds to their appeal?????). Then later in the book/series you actually find that they’re lil’ adorable cinnamon rolls, and they were only being a dick because [insert noble reason]. I used to really like this trope, i.e. Will Herondale, but now I’m just tired of seeing it over and over again.

6. U N N E C E S S A R Y  M E A N  G I R L

I hate this trope because it’s basically centered around bringing others down. People don’t just hate each other on sight. I feel like in so many books there’s that one girl who’s just a bitch to the main character, because reasons. The character’s ONLY purpose is to bully the main character, and it doesn’t happen that way in real life, being a bitch isn’t someone’s full personality.

7. R O Y A L  R E A L I Z A T I O N

*When the character starts out as an ordinary street urchin, then soon figures out (s)he has crazy powers/magic, and is actually the queen/king of everything.*


That’s it! I’m sure I missed a lot of annoying tropes in books, so make sure to comment below a few that you dislike, and let me know if you agree/disagree with me.



29 thoughts on “My least favorite book tropes.

  1. Great post! I dislike all of those tropes… Yet I still read books that use them. I guess because pretty much all YA books have one or more of those tropes in them! But my least favorite is #6. No reason to be unnecessarily mean. 😦

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  2. OMG, amen on the whole love triangle thing. It’s getting sooo tiresome.
    I did use insta-love (kind of) in From the Stars, buut, in my defense, I had to do it to put the plot where I wanted it to be. Gaaah, now I’m hoping I made it work -_-

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  3. “I’m so speshul but I don’t know it…and I’m so plain no one could love me!”
    ::finds out she’s a fuckin Princess that everyone thinks is gorgeous::
    “Who me? I can’t be…I’m too plain. But wow, that’s great! I’m now going to try to decide between the guy who treats me like garbage and my best friend of 16 years…”
    ::picks the asshole::
    They live happily (and stupidly) ever after. In book after book after book after book….

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  4. Oh, man, Insta-love is one of the most dreadful tropes of all time. I remember it happening all over the place when I was a devout roleplayer on Gaia Online. Every time I see it play out in the books I read, there’s a part of me that wonders if I ever played with them online, haha. Like does that even happen in real life? Really? There’s a difference between attraction at first sight and “omg i can’t be away from you for five seconds you’re my souuuuuuuuulmaaaaate” at first sight and some of these authors definitely tend to stray toward the latter, haha.

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